Litigation support – we are here to help you save cost

In today’s litigious society, companies and individuals are increasingly finding themselves embroiled in litigation. The loss of even one legal case can result in disaster. Many times, these cases will hinge on the lawyers’ fact-gathering capabilities. Experienced attorneys know the value of having trained fact-finding investigators at their disposal. We provide litigation support.

There are many types of legal issues that require investigative expertise. The process of requesting documents, composing interrogatories and taking depositions is made more effective by gleaning as many facts as possible beforehand. A professional investigator can greatly assist the lawyer during the process of trial preparation and discovery.

Our Private Investigators at HKPI are an indispensable tool in gathering evidence, winning a case, and obtaining a conviction. Whether a client is contracting a private investigator in preparation for a criminal case, civil lawsuit, or trying to prevent one, the services can be used in a variety of settings. From getting a divorce or a child a custody battle to trying to monitor the other party during trial or gathering evidence, private investigators provide valuable information that can be used to help achieve litigation goals.

The cornerstone of a private investigator’s service is providing professional surveillance. This is typically conducted by vehicle or on foot. Our licensed private investigators obtain photographs and video of our target by following their movements while documenting their activities. Our private investigators typically work alone or in small teams as per the needs of the client. Adding additional investigators dramatically increases the likelihood of success of civil investigations, especially in challenged metropolitan areas.

In conducting a Private Investigation, it is sometimes necessary to gather evidence and intelligence. This may accomplished be by dispatching an investigator to collect physical evidence and take photographs or may be conducted online by utilizing a variety of industry tools. These tools include tracking of social media, open source and closed databases, and by accessing government registries. This information may include the subject’s whereabouts, their habits, likes and dislikes, financial information, relatives, property, criminal and civil history.

Security issues

From time to time, an HKPI may encounter a situation where the safety and security of the client, witnesses, their family or business is questioned. This may be due to a former employee, employer, business partner, family member, associate, friend or colleague. Most private investigators are single person operations and cannot provide a comprehensive security service. HKPI agency comprised of experienced security and investigative professionals ready to react to our client’s needs.

Once a plan is initiated, HKPI will provide agreed-upon updates and reports to the client as stipulated. The client then has the opportunity to review the reports and decide if they want to continue surveillance on the target, adjust the goals or the investigation or to ask for a final report and invoice. This cycle should be repeated until the job is complete and client has obtained the information they are seeking.

Civil litigation can be complicated and costly. Your case is only as good as the evidence you can provide in court to support it. HKPI partners with your legal representation to provide investigative support for civil litigation that includes:

  • Computer Data Recovery and Examination
  • Process Service
  • Document Examinations
  • Due Diligence
  • Expert witness testimony
  • Interviews and statements
  • Skip tracing
  • Surveillance
  • Undercover Operations
  • Witness Identification
  • and other areas

HKPI help you fill in the knowledge gaps with relevant information you need to prevail in settlement negotiations, court hearings or as evidence in arbitration depositions, mediation or at trial.