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Strategic planning

In depth analysis of each case, operation planning and tactics, case executed by select personel.


Data collection, evidence collection


Video capturing, photo-taking, reporting, affirmation drafting

Justice will not be served until those who are unaffected are as outraged as those who are.


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Matrimonial investigations

Cheating and Infidelity

What Are Matrimonial, Cheating Partner & Online Dating Investigations?

Matrimonial or Cheating Partner Investigations are the practice of obtaining the required information to prove a partner is cheating or engaging in behaviour that falls outside the boundaries of your relationship, be they moral, ethical, legal, family or religious reasons. We investigate through surveillance, document and comprehensively report on their behaviour.

Online Dating Investigations are the practice of obtaining detailed information on an individual to establish if the potential partner is infact who they say they are, or purporting themselves as someone they are not.

We provide the evidence to help eliminate anxiety and stress, secure a rightful share of the assets accumulated during the relationship to protect your future and that of your children. You will get a detailed evidence report outlining professional recommendations, but most importantly ‘Peace of Mind’.

You may have suspicions of gambling or other damaging addictions, we can assist with sensitive surveillance to provide evidence in a legal format to be presented in legal proceedings and in support of child custody matters.

While each case is different, the amount of resource required for the common tasks are as follows, with bar showing percentage of cases can be closed within certain man-hour.

Infidelity check

within 24 man-hour 85%

Partner’s background check

within 10 man-hour 90%

Children activity logging

within 20 man-hour 95%

Cheating partner’s partner background check

within 10 man-hour 85%

Skip Tracing & Missing Persons

Missing Persons

Runaway Children and Spouses

Our firm locates missing persons, friends or relatives and can locate witnesses and persons to serve legal documents.
What Are Skip Traces & Missing Persons?
Skip Tracing is the practice of locating a ‘missing’ individual using modern data mining techniques and advanced web investigations coupled with traditional investigative methods such as field visits, phone calls, cold calling and utilizing well cultivated and trusted connections.

Consider this: In a world where fraud, bankruptcy and crime is rife people choose to disappear, whether their hiding from debt or a loved one we have to find them.

Locating previously “missing” individuals for family reasons, legal and financial reasons when all other means of locating the subject have been exhausted.

While each case is different, the amount of resource required for the common tasks are as follows, with bar showing percentage of cases can be closed within certain man-hour.

Debtor localisation

within 200 man-hour


Traffic Accident Hit-and-Run Driver localisation

within 60 man-hour


Missing Family Member localisation

within 48 man-hour


Missing Business Partner check

within 240 man-hour


Worker Compensation, Disability claim, Falsified Claim, Fraudulent Claim

Breach of Contract, Evidence Collection, Witness identification, Asset Tracing

Our Private Investigators at HKPI are an indispensable tool in gathering evidence, winning a case, and obtaining a conviction. Whether a client is contracting a private investigator in preparation for a criminal case, civil lawsuit, or trying to prevent one, the services can be used in a variety of settings. From getting a divorce or a child a custody battle to trying to monitor the other party during trial or gathering evidence, private investigators provide valuable information that can be used to help achieve litigation goals.

There are many types of legal issues that require investigative expertise. The process of requesting documents, composing interrogatories and taking depositions is made more effective by gleaning as many facts as possible beforehand. A professional investigator can greatly assist the lawyer during the process of trial preparation and discovery.

While each case is different, the amount of resources required for the common tasks are as follows, with bar showing percentage of cases can be closed within certain man-hour. To learn more about litigation support, click here

Disability Claim verification

within 20 man-hour 95%

Falsified Claim verification

within 20 man-hour 80%

Breach of Contract investigate

within 20 man-hour 90%

Asset tracing

within 20 man-hour 80%


Other Services and Expertise

Undercover Operation

From time to time, we have to undertake an investigation by placing operatives into a work place or group to determine the facts.
Common situations include abnormal wastage, illegal kick-backs, theft of trade secrets and even Intellectual Property right defence.

Child Custody Dispute

Our firm provides a comprehensive investigation encompassing a variety of specific and general information relevant to a custody suit. We would acquire the child's schedule, document the person who picks them up, evaluate and witness the standard of care and document any childcare negligence or abuse.

Computer Forensic

Internet / Forensic Computing Investigations are the method of ascertaining whether smartphone's, pc's or other devices have been tampered with. Deleted files in all formats can be retrieved, evidence of company fraud, criminal behavior, cheating, and hidden files can also be parsed and produced for legal proceedings or disputes. Our team has computer analyzing methods used and accepted by international law enforcement.

People can run, but they CANNOT hide......

When the best team is on your side

our team leader

Mr. GD, the Brain

Chief Investigation Officer Chief Investigator Gary D has a background in security, surveillance and detective duties within the corporate and private sector. His training: Cyber Crime Investigation,  Advanced Fraud Investigation in Hong Kong, Tracing Missing Persons and Cyber Security.

Daniel Lee, Blackhat

Specialist on Contact Tracing With widespread usage of smartphone, social media and internet forum, almost no one is invisible on the internet. Leveraging the power on internet, open access database, paid database and others, almost no one can hide.

Jason C

Director of Operations Field commander, an expert in Surveillance. Find, follow, document, and leave without a trace. Ordinary appearance, extraordinary surveillance skill set.

T Smith, Dealer

Undercover business partner Was a businessman, and now appears as a businessman. He is in a business, but not in the way the opposite side would think.

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They are good value for money, i would always recommend them instead of some other agencies.
- Kennis, CIO
Their operation planning was very detailed. This saved a lot of time and cut down costs
- Daniel, Head, ITD
Their operation planning was very detailed. This saved a lot of time and cut down costs
- Daniel, Head, ITD
Their operation planning was very detailed. This saved a lot of time and cut down costs
- Daniel, Head, ITD
HKPI confirmed what I suspected. Good side is, I can plan ahead and move on.
- Dorothy, turning a new page

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